Catering is just one more way we can bring you The Hen & The Hound experience.

Just call (518) 949-2149. Or e-mail us at info@thehenandthehound.com      
Packages start at $17/person + tax and suggested gratuity.

In-House, On-the-Go, or Brought-to-You

(Please note: In-house prices may be higher depending on day and time of event. Beverages only available in-house. Please contact our catering office at (518) 949-2149 for exact pricing.)

Sandwich/Wrap Platter Buffet:
$17/person- Includes 2 sandwich or wrap options, coffee, tea & all other non-alcoholic beverages, plus tax and suggested gratuity.
BBQ Buffet:
$18/person- Includes house-prepared Ommegang Three Philosophers pulled pork, braised brisket, coleslaw & brioche buns, coffee, tea & all other non-alcoholic beverages, plus tax and suggested gratuity.
Breakfast Buffet (available in-house only):
$18/person: Includes scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, shrimp and grits, & choice of pancakes or French toast, coffee, tea & non-alcoholic beverages, plus tax and suggested gratuity.
Plated Brunch (available in-house only):
$18/person: Each guest picks one of four plated & served brunch options. Options can include, omelets, benedict, shrimp & grits, pancakes or French toast. All served with home-fries. Coffee, tea & non-alcoholic beverages included, plus tax and suggested gratuity.
Plated Lunch (available in-house only):
$20/person: Includes two family- style appetizers & two plated-lunch choices, coffee, tea & non-alcoholic beverages, plus tax and suggested gratuity.

Customized menus can be created
- We are happy to try and accommodate any dietary restrictions.
- Gluten-free, vegetarian & vegan options available
- Cash-Bar available



Deviled Eggs – bacon, chives, horseradish aioli

$15 Dozen

Devils on Horseback – bleu cheese stuffed, bacon-wrapped dates

$20 Per Dozen

Caribbean Style Crab Cakes – Piri-Piri aioli, tropical salsita

1⁄2 Pan $75/Full Pan $150

Three Philosopher’s Pulled Pork Sliders – creamy slaw, house BBQ, brioche buns

$25 Per Dozen

Crab Imperial Stuffed Mushrooms – Old Bay, lemon caper aioli

1⁄2 Pan $75/Full Pan $150

Beef or Chicken Sate – coconut tamarind peanut sauce

1⁄2 Pan $60/Full Pan $120

Candied Pork Belly Bites – sweet & spicy Korean BBQ

1⁄2 Pan $65/Full Pan $130

Sicilian Seafood Ceviche – calamari, shrimp, olives, tomato, capers, potato,

parsley, olive oil citrus dressing

$40 Quart

Roasted Vegetable Platter – based one whatever looks good at the farmer’s market

1⁄2 Pan $50/Full Pan $100

Cheese & Charcuterie Platter – soft cheese, sharp cheese, bleu cheese, selection of cured meats and

pate, crostini, mustard and pickles

1⁄2 Pan $75/Full Pan $150

Hummus Platter – marinated olives, grilled flat bread

$12 Pint/$24 Quart

Asian Guacamole - crispy wontons, sriracha aioli

$15 Pint/$30 Quart


Baby Arugula Salad - goat cheese, pickled onion, toasted sunflower seeds,

lemon-poppy vinaigrette

1⁄2 Pan $35/Full Pan $60

Caesar Salad - romaine, brioche croutons, oil- c ured anchovies, shredded Pecorino Romano

1⁄2 Pan $35/Full Pan $60

Upstate Apple Salad - mixed greens, toasted pecans, pickled red onion, bleu cheese, sliced apples, local

hard cider dressing

1⁄2 Pan $35/Full Pan $60


Classic Bolognese – San Marzano tomato sauce, beef, Italian sausage, cream, fresh herbs, pecorino

romano, orecchiette pasta

1⁄2 Pan $60/Full Pan $120

Trotolle Ala Vodka – San Marzano tomato, pancetta, vodka, heavy cream

1⁄2 Pan $50/Full Pan $100

Sausage & Broccoli Rabe – white beans, sundried tomato, garlic, house-made sausage,

broccoli rabe, orecchiette pasta

1⁄2 Pan $60/Full Pan $120

Pistachio Pesto Pasta – basil pesto, pecorino romano, house-made ricotta, spaghetti, pistachio dust

1⁄2 Pan $50/Full Pan $100

Wild Mushroom Risotto – creamy arborio rice, wild mushrooms, asiago cheese, fried sage

1⁄2 Pan $60/Full Pan $120

Seasonal Risotto – Changes based on vegetable availability

Arroz Con Pollo – Spanish rice with peppers, onions, olives, capers and roasted chicken

1⁄2 Pan $60/Full Pan $120

Chicken Curry – sweet potato coconut curry, chicken, sweet peas, basmati rice

1⁄2 Pan $60/Full Pan $120

Vegetable Tagine – curry-laced chick pea stew with seasonal vegetables

1⁄2 Pan $50/Full Pan $100


Not-Yo-Mama’s Meatloaf – bacon-wrapped, local cheddar stuffed, local maple glazed meat loaf served

with smoked ham white pepper gravy

1⁄2 Pan $70/Full Pan $140

Latino Pork Shoulder – Garlic-studded pork shoulder, rubbed with house- made adobo seasoning,

braised with citrus and beer

1⁄2 Pan $60/Full Pan $120

Southern Fried Chicken – Buttermilk-brined, southern fried, chili honey glaze

1⁄2 Pan $60/Full Pan $120

Bajan Chicken – Chef’s Favorite - a mixture of herbs & spices roasted to perfection

1⁄2 Pan $60/ Full Pan $120

St. Louis Ribs – Memphis dry rub, sweet and spicy glace

$20 Per Rack

Three Philosophers Pulled Pork – Memphis dry rub, local beer braise, Bing Cherry BBQ

1/2 Pan $60/Full Pan $120

1⁄2 pan as an appetizer (meaning there are multiple dishes), feeds 10-15

Full pan as an appetizer (meaning there are multiple dishes), feeds 25-30

1/2 pan as an entrée (the only entrée with 2-3 side options) feeds 5-8

Full pan as an entrée (the only entrée with 2-3 side options) feeds 15-18

We want to make sure you have the perfect amount of food for

your event. Call us or e-mail us & a catering specialist can help

ensure you get exactly what you need!


To schedule your next catering experience just call (518) 949-2149 or e-mail at info@thehenandthehound.com