Community & special offerings

In an attempt to bring our community together under one roof, and provide our customers with the best quality food at a quality price, we here at The Hen & The Hound invite you to join us during any one of our special offering times, or anytime!


Every Sunday!

Bun and Brew Night

Join us every Sunday for a surprise end to your weekend. All things on a bun only $12, this includes our local Kilcoyne Family Farm burgers! As well as our specialty burgers of the night, or other ever-changing Bun Specials (found on the Sunday night daily specials).
All burgers are served with hand-cut fries and come with a complimentary Soft Drink, PBR or Utica Club Lager! (21 and up for alcoholics beverages, of course.)


Second Friday!

Behind the Farmhouse Floral Building, Baker Ave

Right behind 315 Main street Middleburg, on the second friday of every month you’ll find the likeliest of partners. The Hen and The Hound’s Pizza trailer has teamed up with our good friends and neighbors of Green Wolf Brewery, and Middleburg Winery to provide an outdoor setting to highlight our diverse local offerings.

Stop on by, or give us a call and beat the line at (518) 709-2105